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Spencer Theater Wedding in Ruidoso, New Mexico

To begin, our beautiful day for this Spencer theater Wedding in Ruidoso starts when I arrived at the groom ‘s room.  As soon as he opens the door I can feel the excitement as it linger’s in the air.  I fortunately shot their engagement session in downtown El Paso,Texas and the chemistry between the two was just incredible. I knew today would be no different. As Kelly gets ready I capture a few shots of his details.  His Hugo Boss suit is well thought out and includes cuff-links made out of Penny’s that were his grandfather’s.  I begin thinking to myself, what a sentimental touch!

Finally I made my way to the Bride-to-be.  She is sitting in front a vanity getting her make up done by David Paul who came for their Ruidodo wedding.  I see in the corner a pair of beautiful Christian Louboutins shoes.  I capture a few shots as the Bride finishes up her make-up.  Once she was ready, she puts on her Ella Blu wedding gown.  It hugs her hips gently and has the most beautiful embroidery all along her back and hips.

Something that was different was her meaningful relationship with her father.  Because of how close they are she wanted a first look with only him before her Groom.  Once her father gazed upon how gorgeous she looked, he shed a few tears.  After that moment of love and joy her father helped her put on her shoes and they shared another emotional moment. 

Once she was fully ready we headed on over to meet up with the Groom for the first look at an old chapel on the military Fort Stanton.  Aryn looked absolutely stunning and I awaited anxiously to capture Kelly’s reaction.  Once he saw her, he was in awe. The couple luckily put aside two whole hours before the ceremony to capture some great Ruidoso wedding portraits.  This Ruidoso Wedding was nothing but enjoyable. 

After catching some great Ruidoso wedding portraits we headed over to the Spencer Theater.  The ceremony began and everyone could see the chemistry Aryn and Kelly exuded from one another. She shed  a few tears of joy as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife.  The reception was a blast and everyone danced the night away. The Best Man and Maid of Honor gave heartwarming speeches.  

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of not only your engagement but your Spencer theater wedding in Ruidoso as well.  May you both have many years of love and happiness together.



Bride and Groom portrait in Ruidoso Grooms Details Groom's Bowtie Groom putting on cufflinks Groom reading note from future wife Black and White Portrait of groom louboutin shoes at Spencer theater wedding in Ruidoso by Stephane Lemaire Photography Wedding dress at Spencer theater wedding in Ruidoso by Stephane Lemaire Photography Bride doing her make-up Bride and Bridesmaids Bride looking at bouquet Bride being buttoned up Close up of dress buttons Mother helping Bride with veil Wedding gown details Black and White Portrait of Bride and mother Bride in dress with veil Bride putting on perfume Bride waiting to see her Father at Spencer theater wedding in Ruidoso by Stephane Lemaire Photography

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