El Paso Engagement Session { Alicia + Jeff }

Alicia & Jeff :: Mustang Engagement Session

Alicia and Jeff started their Mustang engagement session at the War Eagles Air Museum.

When the lovely couple arrived they were all laughs and smiles, it was a really nice way to start the session.  Jeff used to be a mechanic for the Air Force so being close to planes and helicopters was very dear to him.

After the War Eagles Museum we went to Downtown El Paso.  Alicia made a quick outfit change from a pink and blue plaid shirt to a elegant navy blue dress.  I recommend for my couples to make outfit changes and spice the pictures up.  The couple arrived in their cherry apple red 1966 Ford Mustang which they both restored together.  The car shines beautifully beneath the sun and adds great colors to the images I captured. 

Personalizing your engagement session makes even more beautiful images : in Alicia and Jeff’ s session, we decided on using their red Mustang for their engagement session. They both love cars, so doing a Mustang engagement session was obvious.


Alicia and Jeff in front of plane at War Eagles Museum Jeff holding Alicia in front of plane Black and white Silhouette by windows Engaged Couple smiling couple kissing under a plane Black and white portrait of a couple near windows Couple kissing in the back of a Mustang Portrait of couple with a mustang Engaged couple in alley Holding one another on side of Mustang Front of red 1966 Mustang Engaged  couple Holding hands in Alley Holding one another by Mustang Engaged  couple smiling by the Mustang door Mustang engagement Session Portrait of a couple smiling in front of red mustang

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