White Sands National Park – Wedding

Wedding at White Sands I Stephanie + Adam

First off I want to start this blog by saying how amazing this wedding was.  A White Sands wedding was something I had never done before and did not know what to expect being that its a endless terrain of white sand dunes.  But boy did it turn out to feel just like a destination wedding!  This location was not chosen just because of its beauty but also because of the meaning it had to Stephanie and David. A while back during a visit to El Paso, Stephanie took Adam to White Sand’s and they loved the place so much. So this was a very dear location to them. 

I started the day by going to Adam’s room where he was getting ready.  In there were his two son’s who were goofing around and having so much fun getting dressed. I was able to capture such great moments between Adam and his boys.  When I got to the bride’s room she looked absolutely stunning. Let me tell you it was hard just narrowing down the pictures for this blog.  I definitely remember her smile brightening the room over and over again. 

Since the ceremony was later in the afternoon, Stephanie and Adam decided to do a first look at a Pecan Farm near Las Cruces.  The pecan tree’s made for a beautiful background to capture those precious moments. After taking a couple of great shots there, we were on our way to White Sands for the ceremony. 

On the way to White Sands we were freaking out a bit because the clouds were growing dark and grey.  That didn’t scare Stephanie or Adam one bit.  Today was their day and they were getting married rain or shine!  Luckily the clouds made for some beautiful dramatic shots later and we got no rain!  The ceremony began and was very intimate with less than 30 people.  It was a very special ceremony to capture because the bride’s grandfather married them. 

After the ceremony we had about an hour to shoot before sunset.  this gave me time to get some spectacular shots of the couple and the sky.  I was so happy they were willing to have fun getting down and dirty in the sand.  Believe me there was sand everywhere! I was so happy with how the shots came out.  Hope you can enjoy a few of my favorites from this lovely White Sands Wedding.

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