Michelle & Arthur :: Los Angeles Engagement Session

Michelle & Arthur Engagement Session 

We started this Los Angeles Engagement session at a the lovely Vista Hermosa Natural park. The sunlight helped to brighten the smile on Michelle and Arthur’s faces even more than they already were.  They were so easy to shoot and playful the whole time.  At one point in the park Michelle even hopped on Arthur’s back and I was able to capture a playful moment between the two.

After the park we went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall which made for some magnificent shots!  Michelle’s red dress looked stunning in all of them.  I am glad she chose such a vibrant color because it really made her stand out.  I definitely always recommend looking and feeling good for your shoots.  During our time at the concert hall I was able to catch a couple serious shots of the two lovebirds. After those few however they were smiling the whole time, which of course is never a problem for me! I had such a great time with these two throughout our whole day.

Once we finished up at the Walt Disney Concert Hall we made our way to the beach.  Here we got to take some time and get more intimate shots of the couple holding each other. The breeze blowing through Michelle’s hair only emphasized how beautiful of a day it was.  It was almost as though the weather knew we would be shooting! It was the perfect day to shoot a Los Angeles Engagement session. 

We decided to end our day and get a couple night shots.  We figured a picture with the Los Angeles Skyline was a must!  It was so great working with you two for this session, I really appreciate the time spent together.  It only made me look even more forward to shooting the wedding.


 Couple being playful in the park Couple looking each other in eye's at park Couple holding one another B&W Landscape portrait of couple in park Couple sitting on bench in front of city Couple showing love in the park Couple in front of Walt Disney  concert hall Couple enjoying each other in front of concert hall Closer shot of couple by Concert Hall Lovely bride-to-be being dipped by her fiance

Portrait Couple looking in to each other's eyes Couple sharing intimate moment in Concert Hall black and white  Portrait of couple   Malibu engagement session at Point Dume Malibu engagement session at Point Dume Malibu engagement session at Point Dume


Malibu engagement session at Point Dume Los Angeles Engagement-Couple on beach holding one another Malibu engagement session at Point Dume Couple on beach B&W Couple on beach holding hands Couple on beach holding hands Couple centered in row of streetlamps Couple in front of Los Angeles Skyline

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