Palos Verdes Engagement Session

Palos Verdes Engagement Session : Santa Monica Pier Engagement Session


Here is a Palos Verdes Engagement Session starting at Abalone Cove Park and finishing on Santa Monica Pier.  Jessica and David are very dear to me, not only they are friends but they are one of the first couples I photographed when I arrived in El Paso back in 2008. So when they asked me to be their photographer for their San Diego wedding, it was a great honor. Not only they are great people but they also mean a lot to me because they were the first ” American ” couple in front of my lens. Back then my English was not very good and my accent was very thick, they probably did not understand me … lol … But we did pretty good and still to this day there is a couple photos that I am still in love with. ( look for them at the end of the post )

Fast forward 7 years and here they are in front of my lens again. This time we left El Paso and headed to California, Abalone Cove Beach in  Palos Verdes to be exact. We started the session in that beautiful area and then went to Santa Monica Pier for the last part of the session. Enjoy these few favorites.

Same couple, 7 years earlier ….

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