Yosemite Wedding

Yosemite wedding :: Mayra & Jesus

         To begin If there is one word to describe this Yosemite Wedding it would definitely have to be breathtaking.  From the moment Mayra put her beautiful dress on to the moment we set foot in the park, everything is a wonderful sight to see.  I begin the day with Mayra as she prepares for the precious day ahead of her.  Her mother helps her put on her jewelry which compliments the dress splendidly.  Whoever said “detail counts” was not lying! I capture wonderful shots of Mayra’s shoes which have the phrase “I do” in a stunning royal blue. Mayra hands me a lovely hanger with the word bride on it that had the most elegant of details on it.  Of course I have to get a shot of the gorgeous gown on the gorgeous hanger! 

Once Mayra is all dolled up and ready to go we head to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.  This Yosemite Wedding is nothing but love and happiness with a few close friends and family. Mayra and Jesus are ready to begin!  During the ceremony the two exchange lovely vows with one another.  The view behind the couple as they exchange their vows is amazing.  The sky looks like it lasts for days, the clouds floating just above the mountain tops. The bridesmaids all look lovely with the glorious mountains as their backdrop. I grab the family and capture some wedding portraits with the now husband and wife.

Finally after the ceremony I am able to spend the rest of the afternoon with Mayra and Jesus. We fortunately have a lot of time together which is something I always recommend to couples, especially if they want to get creative and get some really fun shots.  The two lovebirds make it so easy to capture great moments of them together.  At the drop of a hat they are ready to move from point A to point B. In addition they make me a very happy photographer.  Below are some favorites from their Yosemite Wedding.  I highly recommend Glacier Point as a place to hold your wedding ceremony.  The views will not disappoint. 


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