Sun Valley Wedding in Idaho { Katie + Chris }

Wood river ranch Wedding in Sun Valley, Idaho

This Sun valley wedding is a very special one for me. I was lucky enough to have already shot the Grooms sister’s wedding in San Diego.  The family had a blast there and believe me this Idaho Wedding was no different! I first start the day with Chris and his parents.  Chris’s suit is a light grey which he pairs greatly with a mint tie. Katie left him a thoughtful note saying she was excited to see him at 2!

After spending time with the groom I head out to Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church to meet up with Katie.  As soon as I pull up to the church I notice how stunning it looks with tall dark wood ceilings. I see the bride and how lovely she looks in her wedding gown. After enjoying a moment in her dress she was ready for her jewelry.  She chooses to wear a simple pearl necklace paired with extravagant earrings.  She was able to share some precious moments with her bridesmaids that I was happy to capture. 

Finally the intimate Sun Valley Wedding ceremony with close friends and family begins! Katie smiling from ear to ear the whole time.  Needless to say her smile is contagious throughout the day and night. After the ceremony we head to a field in Sun Valley.There is majestic mountains in the background that compliment the Bride and Grooms beauty.  I take this time to take some beautiful landscape portraits of the couple. I tried very hard to capture the essence of Katie’s home and her mustang which she had since she was 16.  This was very important for me because Chris moved from Texas to pursue a loving life with Katie.  I luckily also got to capture a picture of them near the cattle they raise themselves. 

After exploring the unforgettable fields of Sun Valley in Idaho we head back to Wood River Ranch for the reception.  You could see that everyone in the family put in a lot of work to make the wedding details just right.  The details including tons of flowers and pastries!  Everything feels authentic to what Katie and Chris love. Furthermore just like the San Diego Wedding thrown by Chris’s family prior I knew this would be a blast beginning to end and it was! The alcohol was flowing all night as all came together to welcome this newly blessed marriage.  The last shot I took of them was a spectacular one of them smiling beneath the warm moon’s glow.

Overall I would like to say thank you Katie and Chris for welcoming me in to your lovely home and allowing me to shoot your Idaho Wedding.  The sights I got to experience with you will be some I never forget!





Bride and Groom kissing next to a Ford mustang Boots Grooms Details Groom being helped by father Black and White Portrait of Groom Wedding dress, Jewelery  Black and White Portrait of Bride being helped by family  Bride and groom looking at each other Bride and Groom smiling at each other during ceremony Bride and Groom in front of altar Bride and Groom kneeling in front of altar Bride and Groom Black and White Portrait Sun Valley Wedding ceremony Landscape Portrait Bride and Groom on road Landscape Portrait- Bride and Groom leaning against white mustang at Sun Valley Wedding Bride and Groom laughing while being interrupted by bikers Bride and Groom holding one another closely at Sun Valley Wedding by Stephane Lemaire Bride and Groom in field Bride and Groom in field at Sun Valley Wedding Landscape Portrait  of Bride and Groom holding one another for their Idaho wedding Bride and Groom driving away in white mustang at Sun Valley Wedding Bride and Groom looking at one another Bride and Groom holding one another On Bridge Bride and Groom On Bridge Bride and Groom Landscape Portrait of Mustang Bride and Groom wedding photo with mustang Sun Valley Wedding Bride and Groom near cattle at wood river ranch Sun Valley Wedding by Stephane Lemaire Bride and Groom surrounded by greenery and warm sunlight at Sun Valley Wedding Arriving to the reception Bridal Party  Bridal party Bridal Party Groomsmen lifting up Groom Wedding Details Wedding Details Wedding Details baked Goods Wedding Details Toasts Bride and Groom cutting cake Bride and Groom's first dance Bride dance with father Garter toss with Bride and Groom Sun Valley Wedding reception at Wood river ranch Groom performing with band Guests partying Guests Partying -Guests partying Wedding Rings Bride and Groom with moonlight in background


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